The New Pesthuys

We are currently transforming the historical ‘Pesthuis’ (‘Plague House’ in Dutch) into The New Pesthuys. In its new form, the monumental building will have a very important function as the link between the city of Leiden and the Leiden Bio Science Park. The New Pesthuys will be a meeting place for everyone, making a connection between the public and science. 

The New Pesthuys will accommodate a collaborative Open Science and Innovation Centre, a Hotel & Short Stay, Bar & Restaurant, Wine Cellar and various Spaces for Eduction, Exhibitions & Events. It will be a vibrant and highly attractive place to co-work, meet, eat, drink, and stay for shorter or longer periods.

Open Science Centre

The Open Science Innovation Centre, with its flex modules, workplaces and meeting rooms will become the place to meet and work together on Open Science related issues. The Leiden Institute for FAIR and Equitable Science (LIFES) will be one of the main 'Residents'. As a member of LIFES, you will have the choice for various memberships. There are a number of ways to join the LIFES community and secure yourself a place in The New Pesthuys.

Our LIFES memberships

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